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Holly Tree Animal Hospital
Phone: (864) 288-8908
Fax: (864) 288-8262
1332 S Highway 14
Simpsonville, SC 29681



boardingCamp Holly Tree is the new name of the boarding services offered at Holly Tree Animal Hospital. Camp Holly Tree offers indoor boarding for your dog or cat. We have a limited capacity and are able to offer your pet a more personalized stay in our kennel.

Dogs are kept in indoor cages or runs, depending on size. Cats are kept in a separate room, away from the dogs to minimize stress. Each dog is walked at least four times daily for exercise. Cats are visited many times throughout the day as well. We have pheromone diffusers specific to dogs and cats throughout our boarding facility to help reduce stress. Any overly stressed boarders receive daily pheromone sprays in their cages as needed.

We feed your pet Royal Canin pet food during their stay to minimize gastro-intestinal upset, matching the appropriate stage of development with the correct amount for your animal's ideal body weight. If you prefer, you can bring your pet's regular diet to be fed to them during their stay. You have the added security of knowing that the doctors visit with each animal on a daily basis.

Since our boarding capacity is limited, reservations are recommended. Due to our small staff, we DO NOT offer Saturday afternoon or Sunday discharges of boarding animals. If this service is important to you, please speak to a receptionist for a referral to a kennel offering this service. We can also provide referrals for professional in-home pet sitters. Our primary goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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